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Singapore Tai-E Cyber-Tech Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore under the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and operates the website The CoinTiger platform is a global and innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multi-cryptocurrency trading services in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts around the world. 

Since the platform was launched, it has continuously iterated with steady upgrade and now has an increasingly mature ecosystem comprising web, iOS and Android clients application and comprehensive exchange services including crypto currency trading , Ticker Capital, Labs, IEO , and voting for listing program. Currently, CoinTiger users have topped 1.1 million and are from more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe.

  1. Exchange Services: So far, CoinTiger has launched four markets (BTC, ETH, BitCNY and USDT) with 91 trading pairs and an average daily turnover of US$ 45–60 million, ranking among the top 30 on CoinMarketCap.
  2. Ecosystem Building with BitShares: Since it’s launched, CoinTiger has been committed to the development of BitShares ecosystem. Among others, it has launched BitCNY market and joined the SPRING Fund to make BitCNY and BTS with better liquidity. CoinTiger has grown into the largest exchange in terms of BitCNY trading volume and has been embraced by many new users because of this.
  3. Ecosystem Fund: In April 2018, CoinTiger established its own ecosystem fund which specializes in blockchain equity investment and token investment and has invested in first-tier projects including Perlin, RSK, BKBT, Mytoken, Lianyixia, Carry, Carblock and Cocos BCX. Currently, Ecosystem Fund has covered investment in early-phase blockchain projects, investment banking, project consulting and incubation and extended its reach to more than ten countries in North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
  4. CoinTiger Labs: CoinTiger Labs is committed to serving blockchain projects throughout their lifecycle and helping blockchain projects with in-depth incubation and a full range of services such as consulting, strategic planning, compliance support, token model design, financial advisory, liquidity management, and marketing & operation guidance. It will grow with blockchain entrepreneurs by helping them deliver value and exploring a new future of blockchain economy. So far, CoinTiger Labs has incubated well-known projects such as TCT, BCG and MockingBot.


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CoinTiger is committed to create a top-level blockchain service platform to provide users with the ultimate experience. We are in a period of rapid growth, and we can't survive without the support of you. If you are interested in the blockchain industry and recognize Cointiger's brand philosophy, we expect you could join the CoinTiger Tiger Cavalry and become a member of the CoinTiger family! Come join us as CoinTiger Knight

TCH Token

Tiger Cash (TCH) is a platform token issued by the CoinTiger exchange, which is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum. It was officially launched on November 15, 2017.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

1. As part of the objectives of its Equity scheme, CoinTiger will allocate 50% of its annual net profit to TCH holders. Recently, the platform launched its Tiger Cash Equity Scheme, thus making it the first digital asset exchange to introduce equity investment to holders of its indigenous Tiger Cash. With the official launch of this initiative, CoinTiger intends to provide substantial value for its esteemed investors while mitigating potential risks of trading cryptocurrencies.
2. Users whose TCH holding equals to OR greater than 10million are eligible to apply as shareholders in CoinTiger Singapore company.
3. Direct eligibility to participate in CoinTiger’s Voting for Listing activities. Holding TCH grants voting rights to users who wish to vote for the official listing of blockchain project of choice on CoinTiger exchange (the selection process that determines which coin/token will list on the platform).
4. Holders of TCH are usually eligible to benefit from periodic airdrop campaigns especially after an official listing of blockchain projects on the exchange.

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