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Building The Infrastructure For The Future of Decentralized Applications and Finance

TrueChain is the world's first public chain that implemented fPoW+ PBFT hybrid consensus and has a strong global open source developer community supporting it. TrueChain provides the underlying public blockchain infrastructure with high performance and security for decentralized applications and financial transactions.

Industry Leaders
First public chain to implement fruit chain, upgrading traditional PoW to fPoW + prevents Selfish Mining Attacks (25% Attack). TrueChain replaced the ETHash with TrueHash, the world’s first fundamentally ASIC-resistant algorithm which changes every 3 months.

Why TrueChain?

  1. A Streamlined Blockchain
    With its permissionless PBFT-fPoW hybrid consensus with secure sharding, the conflict between efficiency and decentralization for permissionless blockchains is solved by TrueChain.
  2. A Hybrid Consensus Incentive Model
    TrueChain is the first in the world to design an incentive model for the governance of the hybrid consensus which will increase economic awareness in relation to blockchain technology and compensation.
  3. Strong Global Developer Community
    Among the new generation of permissionless blockchains, TrueChain has a developer community that is the largest in China and the fastest growing in the world.
  4. Solved Impossible Triangle
    TrueChain is the first working third generation public chain to solve the most important problem in the public chain space, the "Impossible Triangle".

Case Studies

See how TrueChain's blockchain is being used today:

  • The infrastructure for digital assets
    TrueChain is not only building an infrastructure for dApps, but also building an infrastructure for global assets. Recently TrueChain incubated Pandaq, with 8 Decimal Capital. Through the asset tokenization platform, 8 homes on the beautiful Ko Samui Island were tokenized in April 2019. More assets are lined up to be tokenized on TrueChain.
  • Supporting Crosschain Assets
    Through TrueBridge, TrueChain is able to bring any assets from any blockchain to TrueChain's infrastructure. Recently, Binance DEX listed TRUE-D84 by bridging TRUE to Binance Chain. Top stable coin projects such as PAX and MakerDAO DAI will also be brought to TrueChain in near future.


UEN 201802135M

2 Venture Drive #11-31 Vision Exchange Singapore 608526

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TRUE Token

TrueChain’s mainnet currency is TRUE token. TrueChain Stellar run on Ethereum network. Binance DEX listed TRUE-D84 by bridging TRUE to Binance Chain.

Total supply: 100,000,000

Token Distribution

30%: Mining
15%: Core contributors community
15%: Foundation for Operational Costs
15%: Incentives to Ecosystem Buildup
25%: TGE

TRUE is a utility token for transaction gas and staking.

Purchase TRUE from these Exchanges: Binance DEX | OKEx | | Bithumb | ZB.COM