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Hybrid Blockchain For Enterprise

A WRKChain is a Distributed Ledger Technology designed specifically for real-world enterprise and consumer adoption.
The Unification Ecosystem has two parts:
Mainchain and WRKChains. Each with different responsibilities and benefits.

Mainchain consists of Block Validators who operate via a Distributed Stake Governance (DSG) Consensus mechanism and is powered by the United Network Distribution (UND) Token. In order to fully optimize and focus resources, Mainchain can only execute three tasks.

  • UND - UND wallet transfers
    Executing “Expansion Logs” which power and enable WRKChains
  • Maintaining a log of voting and whitelist for allowed validators on the network.
  • WRKChains
    WRKChains can be thought of as independent blockchains deployed via an expansion log.

There are numerous configuration options available which allow enterprises and developers to customize according to their needs.

WRKChains will “check in” with Mainchain on every produced block with the headers of this block. This by default creates a situation where by maintaining their own chain/coin/consensus mechanism -the deployers of the WRKChain can control cost and scalability while by broadcasting the headers of that block for the immutable Mainchain to record, they share the inherent public trust of Mainchain and will not be able to reorganize previous blocks due to a merkle tree being included in the header.

As the WRKChain is designed to be predictable, functional and scalable for enterprise and consumer usage, it is important that an ecosystem be fostered where actual users of the network can budget for use of network resources and not have this budget affected by daily price speculation on the UND token.
To achieve this goal, we have developed UND from the ground up as a Utility token in the original meaning of the word. There has been no “ICO” (please note that there is incorrect/outdated information online stating that we did have an ICO - please refer to this website and the whitepaper for canon) there has been no public or private sale of tokens. All of the funding for development has been from private sources.
Users of the network are able to acquire UND by purchasing it for a fixed price through a SmartContract interface via a liquid currency. UND purchased from the foundation will be locked to the purchasers wallet and can only be used to pay tax for usage of network resources.
Validators on the network who receive the UND will have it fully unlocked and able to sell/trade it according to current free market rates.
This model ensures that users of the network can have a predictable pricing model, while allowing validators and holders of UND to be able to trade it at free market rates.

Unification Foundation Pte Ltd

160 Robinson Road #26-06 Singapore 068914

Official website: https://unification.com





Ethereum Monopoly Disrupted by Unification's Predictive Cost/Speed Workchain


UND Token

Unification (UND) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

UND was originally designed to be solely a “data liquidity” protocol which would allow enterprises to standardize/tokenize their data and place it in a liquid format to be bought/sold/transferred over a blockchain. What we were building was not “sexy,” rather it was fulfilling a very lucrative, yet possibly boring need for enterprises and the future of data.

UND is currently trading on DigiFinex, BitForex and Binance DEX