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UDAP is focused on building a general decentralized blockchain middleware layer for asset lifecycle management with building blocks such as state channel, tokenization service and trade, decentralized identity management etc, to accelerate application development and transformation from the Internet business model to token economy with its asset-oriented APIs and Web Socket services. Developers do not have to understand the underlying blockchain technology or write smart contracts.
The core team includes former executives and senior architects from IBM US and IBM Canada. Since 2017 UDAP has designed and implemented the protocol, the middleware, asset wallet, and blockchain applications in seven domains. With its state channel technology, UDAP middleware provides an end-to-end solution to blockchain capability, scalability, performance and cost issues. UDAP is one of a few state channel solution providers that has mature products to support low latency high volume blockchain applications.


An EVM smart contract framework that provides a standard model of tokenizing non-fungible assets. It contains a definition of contracts for singular item, a wallet for these items, interfaces to other token standards such as ERC20 and ERC721, and primitives for decentralized trading of singular assets. 

Harvest Wallet an ERC721 and UDAP Singular Style Asset Wallet

An Eco-System

  • It provides a programmable UI for third-party applications to develop a complete user experience
  • Simple asset transfers
  • Obtain permission to transfer
  • Redeem tickets
  • Marketplace
  • Support multi-sig transactions.

Harvest Wallet MVP version is released on Android now and you can create and transfer memo, invoice and membership on blockchain. Please join our public testing event.

UMedia - A marketplace and music player on your mobile phone.
Nowadays, you can download most of the music on the internet for free, which hurts the music industry. It results in lacking of enthusiasm and interests for talent people getting into the industry. The music need to be avoid downloading and sharing for free, so that the industry can grow healthily and attract more talented people in the music industry. Now we have a perfect solution using blockchain technology.
UDAP released a new application - UMedia. UMedia is a music marketplace and music player on your mobile phone. Musicians can sell their own limited-edition music in the marketplace, where users can listen music in the application and buy music from musicians and other users too. UMedia is an enterprise level application.

UÐAP Certificates Wallet (Cert-Wallet)

We live in a world of certificates; documents that confirm or ‘certify’ the truth of something or verifies that someone has fulfilled the requirements of and may practice in a field or discipline. Examples include birth certificates, land titles, diploma and degree certificates, wills, professional certificates, memberships, receipts, securities, driver’s licenses, all kind of contracts and promises. In fact, many pieces of personal information can be considered as a certificate between two or more parties. For instance, Party A is a witness to something that has occurred between Party B and Party C at a point in time. 

  • The Cert-Wallet is the world’s first Ethereum-based wallet designed for organizations and individuals to issue/receive/store/cancel blockchain-based digital certificates. 
  • The Cert-wallet is based on a true ID system. All parties must be verified with their real-world identifications. Institutional or individual users must have been known as a true real-world entity before they can create or receive any blockchain certificates. 
  • Certificates can be issued individually on the mobile app, or in batch with a web application.

UDGEUDAP Decentralized Game Engine
UDGE Features
UDAP game engine for decentralized games, that solves the slow, inefficient and high GAS cost issues on Ethereum and other public chains.

  • No GAS fee requires during a game, saving cost for players.
  • Instant confirmation results for multiple parties, that’s the key for all games.
  • Secured Random Mechanism, the random results can be verified and open sourced.
  • Built-in common game rules, configuration can be automatically executed.
  • No registration required, users can play game directly from digital wallets.
  • On-chain and off-chain Arbitration system that protect players.
  • On-chain setting system to withdraw balance to users automatically.
  • Compatible with popular wallets like MetaMask, ImToken, CoinBase Wallet, Opera, Trust, etc.
  • Enable mint or use other tokens.


UDAP Foundation Limited

133 New Bridge Road, #24-01, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413

Official website: https://www.udap.io


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UDAP has officially joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative.

UPX Token

UDAP Foundation issues the UPX token built on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 10,000,000,000 

UPX tokens are used to make deposits required to become a UDAP service consumer.  Transaction fees, gas payments (i.e. smart contract execution fees) and persistent storage payments  are also usually collected in UPX tokens.

UPX/ $BNB pair is now available to trade on BinanceDEX

Buy UDAP on PIEXGO Exchange.