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Ulord is a peer-to-peer value transfer public blockchain. Through building its blockchain underlying architecture and digital resource distribution protocols, it enables third-party developers to explore their own applications over open-source agreements to form a complete ecology of blockchain technology and applications. Based on various rules and protocols created by Ulord, it loads various types of digital resource application scenarios including text, pictures, music, video and software, providing a direct docking platform for information creators and consumers. UlordToken (UT) is used as a payment in Ulord, as the currency in Ulord ecosystem.

What does Ulord means?

Ulord is a compound word. U+lord means " your value, you decide". The Chinese name -Youyi, focuses on creating the first public blockchain in content.

Multi-sidechain technology
With 9 technical features, Ulord aims at different application scenarios and combines Ulord's good programming framework to provide enterprises with one-stop blockchain service.

  1. Multi-sidechain technology
    Ulord uses multi-sidechain technology to make digital assets transferred between different chains and Ulord's transaction performance, security and privacy have all been improved. Multi-sidechain technology makes Ulord easily intergrate the latest blockchain technology. Sidechain can also issue their own Token and freely combine smart contracts, micro-payments and other functions.
  2. Mixed consensus mechanism
    Ulord uses the mixed consensus mechanism of PoW and PoS. PoW is a CPU wide algorithm for anti-professional mining rigs. Users who provide storage and bandwidth for Ulord will receive rewards from PoS.
  3. Master node system
    Master node system helps to ensure the network stability. Master node users can vote on the teams and projects participating in Ulord ecological construction. They can review the content on Ulord and promote the orderly development of Ulord ecological health. The master node is also the infrastructure for decentralized storage networks.
  4. Decentralized storage system
    Ulord builds a decentralized storage system based on hash content addressing to form a robust Ulord content storage distribution network with PoS incentive and master node mechanism.
  5. Smart contract
    Ulord is compatible with Ethereum smart contract to reduce developer learning costs. Smart contract with turing complete brings more possibilities to Ulord.
  6. AI algorithm
    Ulord pushes the comprehensive knowledge structure features, theme features, and semantic features through AI, and realizes content smart push with different dimensions to different users based on user data and behavioral data.
  7. Digital content self-purification and maintenance
    Ulord uses the voting mechanism and the AI content intelligence verification mechanism to calculate, analyze and filter content originality, sensitivity and quality.
  8. Instant payment
    Through the master node system, Ulord can support more than 4000 transactions per second to meet the demand of practical application better.
  9. InterPlanetary Domain Name System(IPDNS)
    Ulord provides users with a decentralized domain name analysis service by constructing InterPlanetary Domain Name System. The domain name is easy to remember and convenient to use.

The chain supports all types of DAPPS and Ulord is committed to creating an open, equal and transparent user autonomy ecology.

  • Mass information distributed storage
  • Multi-side chain technology compatible with different applications
  • Friendly API provides one-stop development solution.

Friendly API provides one-stop development solution.

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UT Token

Ulord (UT) is a cryptocurrency that sits on its own Ulord blockchain.

Total supply: 226,579,379  Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Allocation

  • Ulord team and early investors: 20%
  • Community developers: 10%
  • PoW+PoS:60%
  • Community operations and brand promotion: 10%

How to earn UT?

  1. Mining and billing: Provide CPU resource
  2. Master node: Provide network infrastructure construction
  3. Code contributor: Contribute solutions and code for community development
  4. Volunteer: join the community and give advice for community development