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The Next Generation Blockchain For Mass Adoption
Born for DApps Usability and Retail Penetration

As the first Indonesia public blockchain, Vexanium is building the next generation blockchain for mass adoption, that is born to support DApps (Decentralized Application), Defi (Decentralized Finance) usability and retail penetration. Vexanium is going to make blockchain technology accessible and applicable to enhance various industries Vexanium already launch its own public chain mainnet in Q2 2019. Mainnet is the foundation for a blockchain-based company to maintain its company in a decentralized system. The launch of mainnet is important for a blockchain-based company to prove the company's capabilities, from only a project idea to a real problem-solving project that can be implemented in real life. A blockchain-based company that has its own mainnet can help a lot of blockchain project to realize their idea.

From the perspective of the evolution of the blockchain, in addition to being the preferred base chain of DApps, Vexanium can also serve as a circulation chain for various heterogeneous chain coins or tokens, and as a free port in the blockchain world.

Several Application that already Build on Vexanium Ecosystem VEXGIFT Leading Crypto Reward and Staking App VexGift is First Ecosystem that Build by Vexanium team that have purpose to acquire more user into Vexanum platform. Vexgift is a blockchain based application Airdrop and Reward system to distribute free vouchers and digital assets to the user. In less than 1 year Vexgift itself has around 50,000 crypto investor join in the application and already separated their own entity. Although this application is designed for cryptocurrency investors, non-crypto investors user still can use this application. VexGift has collaborated with many merchants, such as Amazon, KFC, GO-JEK, FlowerAdvisor and many more.

VEXGIFT Features:

  1. Gift Voucher - Distribute free vouchers to the user. Right now, VexGift already distributes these vouchers: KFC, GO-JEK, Amazon, FlowerAdvisor, Gramedia and many more.
  2. Token Airdrop - Distribute digital assets to the user. VexGift already collaborating with Tokenomy, Lyfe, eSports Ecosystem, and Heluss.
  3. Token Sale - Sale token efficiently to the right market. VexGift user majority is a real crypto investor.
  4. Deposit Program - Store token to maintain value on the market. Users can deposit their token for a certain period of time.
  5. P2P Voucher Exchange - Exchange vouchers from your friends freely. You can give and get vouchers on VexGift application.

VexWallet itself is a decentralized wallet that runs on Vexanium blockchain where every asset and user account is user’s own responsibility and no other parties that have user’s access except the user itself.
VexWallet is available on PC ( Win, MAC ) version and Mobile ( IOS / Android Version)
There are some basic features in VEX Wallet such as store VEX, transfer VEX, and buy or sell RAM, CPU, and NET to do transactions in Vexanium Blockchain. VEX Wallet allows users to manage their VEX and use all of the Vexanium decentralized applications (Dapp ) using one platform.

We want to use our next generation blockchain to make accessible and applicable blockchain for mass adoption - Vexanium would be a platform to support new blockchain companies to develop their smart contracts and decentralized application (DApps).

Our Advantages: 

  • Scalability
    Vexanium can accommodate more than 2000 TPS (transactions per second) while most blockchain platforms can only accommodate 10 to 100 TPS.
  • Transaction Fees
    Vexanium does not charge transaction fees such as most platforms which usually require transaction fees in every transaction made by users.
  • Consensus
    Vexanium will use the DPoS (Delegated Proof Of Stakes) consensus which means Vexanium will prioritize scalability and network performance by using block producers.
  • Programming Language
    Vexanium blockchain will use C++ programming language so the programmer will be easier to create a smart contract using Vexanium blockchain.
  • Anti-theft and Freezing Features
    By using DPoS, Vexanium blockchain will be able to update contract codes that are inappropriate or the incorrect one without involving a hard fork.

Block Producers (BPs) are a decentralized entity (organization) usually consisting of a group , companies or organizations selected through the evoting blockchain system in the DPoS Consensus that regulates Vexanium blockchain. The block producers task will produce new blocks in the Vexanium protocol blockchain and verifying various transactions that occur on the Vexanium protocol blockchain.

Delegated Proof of Stakes (DPoS) is a consensus mechanism that regulates Vexanium blockchain where only the organization board (delegate/delegation) is selected through e-voting can verify the transactions. These block producers have basic functions like a miner on the bitcoin blockchain (POW / Proof of Work) system but block producers have several additional functions and some new functions such as the Board of Representatives as a country that can regulate and direct the rules and give direction for the Vexanium blockchain.

Upcoming Projects

  • Business Expansion to Asia (Q1 2020)
    In this Phase, we expect that VEXANIUM will already have proven its successful business model and gained significant traction in its home market. We will then expand to major cities or business hubs including Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Min City, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai and Singapore.
  • Business Expansion to Outside Asia (Q3 2020)
    By this period, Vexanium will focus and try engaging in markets outside Asia such as Europe, South America, Africa and the remaining most populous countries that support cryptocurrency.

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VEX Token

VEX is a token that is running on it's own Vexanium chain.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Vexanium Blockchain is known as the resource model that acts as a Service Model rather than a transactional one.Therefore,
as a decentralized application, it should not force its customers to pay directly for the use of the blockchain. Vexanium does not charge transaction fees unlike most platforms which usually require transaction fees for every transactions made by users.

Income generated from VEXANIUM comes from several major streams in the VEXANIUM Ecosystem:

  1. Service Fees from Merchant Token Generation: Merchants will be paying an amount of VEX as a service fee based on the quantity and value of the VEXM generated.
  2. Service Fees of Airdrop Campaigns: Merchants will be paying an amount of VEX as a service fee based on the quantity and value of the VEXM being distributed to the target audiences.
  3. Trading Fees in VEXchange
  4. Advertising Fees in VEXplorer

How to earn VEX?

  • VEX stacking program. You simply store VEX in the wallet provided by Vexanium. Users will earn additionl bonus for holding on to their VEX.
  • Referring more friends to be stakeholders is also part of VEX Stacking Campaign. You need to be a Stakeholder to enjoy this remuneration.The more people you invite, the more VEX you will get. Simple!

Purchase VEX from these Exchanges: ProBit Exchange | Indodax | IDAX | Tokenomy | BTC-Alpha | Digifinex