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Being a global citizen is both opportunity as well as responsibility, and it’s especially more relevant and true for XcelTrip, because our whole business model is not only about individual reward for the entrepreneurship effort but spreading it among all who impact the success of the business either directly or indirectly.
Xcel Foundation is created with such distributed opportunity model in mind, where part of the business value created by XcelTrip is invested back in the community as a not for profit cause. The specifics of the non-profit activities and criteria to be qualified to receive Xcel Foundation assistance will be determined at a later date.
But, for starter, XcelTrip is committing 100 million tokens, which could be worth significant value by the time the foundation program is implemented in next two years.
The Xcel Foundation shall be an independent and autonomous body, run by foundation board with Preamble guidelines, which shall be adhered all the times. The board will create policy, guidelines and executable plan to run the foundation by keeping the letter and spirit of the foundation while applying the criteria to distribute the fund.
Generally speaking, the Xcel Foundation will use the proceed or increased value of the initial amount to reward the recipient, whether that is individual or organization, so that the principle investment in foundation is never depleted.


 A Next-Gen Blockchain powered Travel Platform which has been built to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry. It boasts of features which are set to democratize crypto use-cases. Book with crypto at more than 800,000 hotels, and around 400 airlines are being added too. XcelTrip App is now downloadable on both iOS and Android devices. It is a crypto-payment enabled solution to help you book various holidays, Vacations, hotels and flights booking across the world using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and our very own, utility token XcelToken Plus. We are constantly adding new tokens such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Tron and others. The major travel industry players are the GDS and Aggregators, who are monopolizing the majority of the market share and making the most profits. The vision is to disrupt the industry by giving connectivity and access to travelers directly to the travel service providers – enabling a decentralized travel ecosystem. The year 2019 is going to be the exponential growth year where more use-cases will be added including Flight Bookings, Restaurant Reservations, Transport Services, Entertainment, Tours and more. It doesn’t stop here, instead, it’s the beginning of disruption! Looking at the current state of the blockchain eco-system, we feel that most prudent, practical and tactical way to design and architect the system is to adopt a progressive decentralization roadmap. Instead of building on a scalable but centralized platform like EOS, we feel it is prudent to stay the course with decentralized platform like Ethereum. This space is still evolving, and the best practices are still being discovered. Therefore, rather than embark on an unknown path of decentralization of the whole platform, parts that are ready and robust will be tackled first. Therefore, we will start with enabling the acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies for booking. This will add to the utility of cryptocurrencies in the space where there seems to be a dearth of it.

Our Mission

Increase the adoption of crypto assets around the world by providing real, utility-based use-cases and help bring the blockchain eco-system into the mainstream.” Blockchain is driving decentralization of various business and other platforms including crypto around the world. It is removing the need to trust middle-men within various processes in our society. The above thoughts inspire XCELLab’s vision. XCELLab has embarked on an ambitious journey to build an eco-system driven by blockchain technology, and crypto use-cases that are built to address the issues and gaps in the travel, hospitality and retail industry. XCELLab will act as the primary company (physical, registered entity) that owns various platforms, each of them being an individual business entity spawning and nurturing other synergistic individual platforms that are used to support and grow the eco-system. XCELLab – is also the creator of XcelToken Plus, the crypto asset, built to drive crypto uses and adoption around the world in the travel, retail and related eco-system that could eventually be the utility token within the eco-system. By being the creator of the XcelToken Plus, XCELlab the company and its founders will hold the majority share of token supplies. XCELTrip, XCELPay, and XCELGames are the 3 of the many use-cases platforms, each of which will be registered as independent companies, which are built to address key industry and consumer issues, chase business opportunities by using the blockchain technology and XcelToken Plus to manage transactions in the relevant platform. XCELTrip, XCELPay, and XCELGames will bring crypto utilities and usage to people around the world by offering travel, retail and entertainment solutions. Bitnaire and CoinGeo are also two independent companies, that has adopted XcelToken Plus at an Enterprise Level for building their communities and reward their user base for loyalty and usage.

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XLAB Token

XcelToken Plus (XLAB) is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain, developed to engage and foster larger crypto community within the hospitality, payment, retail, social networking and gaming industries. EXCELLABS has created XcelToken Plus a crypto asset to fuel crypto adoption across multiple platforms & drive crypto usage into mainstream eco-system.

Total supply: 50,000,000,000

  1. Foundation: 10%
  2. Loyalty Program: 5%
  3. Reserve: 10%
  4. Team: 15%
  5. Public Sale: 10%
  6. Public Escrow: 50%

What is XcelToken Plus use for?
XcelToken Plus can be used to pay for airline tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, spas and other services on XcelTrip and also at participating travel and hospitality service providers.

Purchase XLAB from these exchange: P2PB2B | Livecoin | Mercatox | LATOKEN | Hotbit