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XMax is building a blockchain ecosystem with developer tools for the entertainment industry. We believe that scalable blockchains for DAPPs are key to the future of blockchain adoption. It's not just the technology, but also the communities surrounding a product that matter and so our focus is on building developer communities, and making blockchain DAPPs simple to enjoy for the coming generation of decentralized entertainment. DAPP developers can use XMAX to create different types of entertainment applications. However, the XMAX core team will develop the first set of ecosystem DAPPs which will include a DAPP Store, Wallet and an SDK. Any individual will be able to use third-party software to place their projects in the DAPPs Store ecosystem.

XMAX is a “Next Generation Blockchain Ecosystem” designed as a main-chain with concurrent functional sidechains. The ecosystem will provide the following decentralized solutions:

  • The “Galaxy Multichain Network” multi-chain design for simplified blockchain
  • High TPS multichain structure with plug-and-play sidechain management
    system for flexible scalability.
  • VRF-based algorithm to improve system performance and maintain security.
  • XMAX Community Contracts – community members can collaborate to create
    social smart contracts (multi-party contracts).
  • Equal-opportunity node selection,lower system requirements for miners,
    encourages fairer competition for ledger node selection.
  • Native support for both currency and asset tokens (non-fungible),support for
    user created tokens and trading via the XMAX Wallet.
  • Powerful SDK for entertainment DAPP developers with tools for fast
  • XMAX Studio – a fast IDE with WebX.JS language(JavaScript-based)a simplified
    development language.
  • XMAX 3D – game development tools to integrate games with blockchain
  • Scalable sidechains, high-performance cross-chain communication
    (interoperability for 3rd-party blockchain tokens), side-chain timestamp
    packaging protocol.
  • GAS Fees for both mainchain and sidechains to incentivize mining participation
    across the ecosystem.

Xmax Foundation Pte Ltd

5001 Beach Road #08-11 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Official site: http://xmx.com


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XMX Token

XMAX asset token (XMX) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform. XMX token is exclusive throughout the network and natively supported by the XMax Wallet.

Total supply: 30,000,000,000

There are a total of 30 Billion XMX tokens with a yearly increase of up to 5% distributed as an additional bonus to system nodes. The original quantity of XMX published in the ecosystem is 30 Billion XMX.

Distribution Plan
• Community and Ecosystem Incentives: 40%
• Token Swap: 40%
• Team Distribution: 20%

XMX users can purchase paid content on the XMax Platform, including in-game items and services which will be tradable across different platform integrated games. XMX will also be incorporated into a community contribution and account systems as the platform develops. XMax will place the majority of the yearly XMX Token release with the community to encourage self-governance and form a stronger blockchain ecosystem. They will distribute XMX tokens throughout the XMax DAPP Store, user community and the XMax platforms accessed by third-party public chains. The tokens will help to provide the services needed to connect users within and beyond the XMax ecosystem.
XMax supports independently creating currency tokens and non-fungible asset tokens, where each non-fungible token is unique and able to represent a real-world object. For instance, Props, stars, celebrities can submit their entertainment tokens on the blockchain and list them on a digital asset trading platform. Resale is allowed between users and fans. When users put their assets for sale, they can set selling prices, quantities and other essential information.
DAPP creators can use XMax features to develop entertainment APPs based on their business logic, setting their consensus mechanism for each sidechain. They can also choose mining mechanisms that utilize a user’s idle computing power to provide services to the network while allowing the user to earn XMX Rice tokens.

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