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YOUChain is focused on carrying out large-scale commercial applications through its YPoS consensus mechanism and investment model. YOUChain aims to create a public blockchain with high-performance and scalability to achieve its vision of “One Mobile Device One Node, Everyone Can Participate”.

YOUChain's founding team is reportedly from Alibaba, Tencent and BITMAIN. It has the following features:

  • YPoS, a BFT consensus algorithm based on VRF and PoS, reportedly supports a large number of nodes to conduct consensus.
  • Super routing, a P2P system made for both home broadband and mobile network, reportedly helps to enhance the efficiency of complex communication environments.
  • Intelligent sharding reportedly enhances scalability.
  • Any mobile device can theoretically become a node in the network to achieve decentralization.

The goal of the YOUChain Network is to be an application platform for personal digital value/personal virtual items (henceforth known as Personal virtual items) and personal virtual items such as virtual items (henceforth known as Virtual Items) through the implementation of the following:

  1. Building a public blockchain which supports a high volume of concurrent transactions — YOUChain Network
  2. Supporting an open platform for developing DApps
  3. Personal Digital Virtual Items Management Tool Display Platform
  4. Task Platform (Create,Distribution,Reward)
  5. User Autonomous Platform

YOUChain public blockchain is the next generation of public blockchain carrying large-scale commercial application.

  • Confirmation in seconds
    A public blockchain system with block generation and arrival at the account completed in seconds, but btc, etc and other transfers varies in time from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Fully decentralization
    Transaction, consensus, block generation, synchronization, storage, chain governance and management, and even mining are everyone-driven and participate as mobile nodes, that is, each involved in the transaction is also serving others.
  • Unlimited scalability
    Superior performance, significantly increase the processing speed, support for unlimited scalability.
  • Extreme security
    No risk of privacy disclosure.
  • No waste of social resources
    VRF consensus, computing power is consumed in the effective operations such as verification, contrast and block generation.
  • Ultralow Gas fee
    Low computing power cost, communication relay, decrement storage.
  • Simple and easy-to-use smart contract
    Compatible with ETH while supporting common languages, no need to develop wizard mode.

UEN 201806147M

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YOU Token

The utility token of the YOUChain Network (YOU) was originally built on the Ethereum platform. YOU is a major component of the ecosystem on the YOUChain Network.

Total supply: 2,856,000,000

In order to issue secondary Personal Virtual Items on the YOUChain Network, an amount of YOU will be locked by the network, and cannot participate in the ecosystem circulation. The Personal Virtual Items holder issuer would have the option to re-purchase these YOU at the original distribution price(deduction gas). 

YOU, as the anchor token on the YOUChain Network, is intended to be used in a variety of roles, scenarios, transactions. For example: production fees, fees, transaction fees, service fees, miner fees. The more the scenarios, the demand for YOU in the market is projected to be greater.

Purchase YOU from the following Exchanges: OKEx | Dcoin | Shortex | Fatbtc