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Zebi is a full-stack core-blockchain company founded by Silicon Valley veterans. Full-stack means that Zebi operates in the entire blockchain ecosystem – infrastructure and products. Core blockchain means that Zebi does not offer any other service apart from blockchain.

  • Zebi Public Blockchain (Zebi Mainnet) is a public blockchain designed to be a multi-chain and multi-token platform built on Cosmos, with Zapp (Zebi Dapps) development, facilitating libraries for several data and security use cases.
  • Zebi Chain 2.1 is an enterprise-grade private blockchain platform that is far superior to any open source offering. It is now live in 5+ enterprises and government customers.
  • Zapps are Zebi’s products that are built on top of its public and private chains with specialized IP/modules for each use case and the business vertical.
  • Zebi has 20+ PoCs, 5+ live products, 40+ customers, and 2 Million+ digital records blockchained. 

Zebi Public Blockchain is live now!

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Zebi has created a Blockchain driven, unique and holistic solution to make high value and sensitive data readily available for legitimate use. Zebi safeguards data against hacking and tampering, while obtaining consent from individuals. The solution comprises of Zebi Chain™ to provide immutability to critical records, coupled with a central hub called Zebi Data Gateway which enables secure and instant data exchange through Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) APIs. Zebi’s innovative, proprietary solution set is one of the first in industry and is patent pending.

Zebi has developed the Zebi Blockchain Solution and is carrying out its operations through its affiliate Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. in India. Now integrated into its own Zebi blockchain, Zebi Chain™ gives complete flexibility to customers with respect to private/public blockchain utilization. Smart contracts enabled on Zebi Data Gateway ensure that data exchange occurs only with consent and that all stake holder receive their deserved share of the data monetization. Accounting for the risks specified in this Whitepaper in the section titled “Risks and Uncertainties”, This has the potential to transform broad range of industries: protection and verification of land registry, education, employment, transaction and health records, credit scoring, personalized marketing and fraud detection.

Zebi Chain™ has been well received by the market. Zebi, through its affiliate Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd., recently signed a multi-year contract to implement Zebi Chain™ for one of India’s largest state governments (with 50m population) to safeguard their land assets. Additionally, Zebi has a healthy pipeline of prospects across India and is prospecting through its affiliates for projects across Singapore, USA and other countries. Zebi Chain™ installations will be connected to Zebi Data Gateway, which will serve as the pipeline for authorized use of data for commercial purposes. If we are able to rapidly scale and add more Zebi Chain™ customers, the value proposition for the users of Zebi Data Gateway may grow exponentially. The combined value of market available in India for both the products is pegged at $5 billion annually. Zebi has introduced Zebi Coin (ZCO), a utility token which will be used as mode of payment for all Zebi services, including transaction processing through the Gateway and data protection by Zebi Chain™.

Zebi solution ecosystem consists of 2 interconnected proprietary Components Zebi Chain™ and Zebi Data Gateway, to bring

  • Individuals (Who’s data is being protected),
  • Data providers (Who generate and store their data), and
  • Data Requestors (Who need to use/validate this data of individual as part of their business process) 

on a common platform and enable secure, seamless and consent based exchange of information among them.

Zebi Chain™ is a proprietary light weight satellite application installed at various Data Providers’ premises to provide immutability using Blockchain based ledger. The number of nodes in the private Blockchain is configurable and integrates with Ethereum public Blockchain for 100% tamperproof protection.

Zebi Data Gateway connects Zebi Chain™ installations and on-board individuals and data requestors with a simple registration process. It can facilitate instant data exchange through DaaS APIs by connecting to Zebi Chain™ instances and taking individual consent wherever appropriate.

Zebi is starting out with the model of implementing Zebi Chain™ on-premise software at data providers, to connect multiple data sources to Zebi Data Gateway. Zebi Chain™ has already been selected as the solution of choice by one of India’s largest state governments to safeguard their land assets. We see a healthy pipeline of prospects across India. As we scale rapidly and on-board more data providers, the value proposition of Zebi Data Gateway to data requestors increases exponentially.

Zebi Data Ecosystem will transform the way records are maintained by data providers and used by requestors (for verifying information), while keeping individuals in loop for every use of their data. It will open whole new set of possibilities which the current day systems are not able to provide, enhancing utility for its users.


  • It will help to keep their data secured from hackers and malicious insiders who can manipulate with it
  • Make it available for instant DaaS API based applications through Zebi Data Gateway, with assured share in revenues from the requestors for the same.
  • Enable consent mechanism before sharing individual’s data for a data exchange transaction
  • Reduce time and efforts to attend to a data request vis-à-vis the current paper based and manual process
  • Improve revenues from verification requests as due to instant data exchange the volume of transactions will increase exponentially as more and more businesses will be able to adopt it.


  • It will cut down on time, efforts and costs of verifying data directly from source
  • Due to instant data exchange, it will become feasible for every record to be verified, which was not practical earlier due to lengthy process, and was often overlooked
  • Improve recruitment effectiveness and preventing exorbitant costs of a bad hire
  • DaaS API’s can be integrated with their applications to automate the verification process completely


  • Improved protection from identity thefts, fake documents and monetary losses due to theft of their sensitive information
  • Unlike existing systems which do not have notification to individuals, in Zebi Data Ecosystem individuals will be notified first before their information is shared/used by anyone

Zebi Data Pte Ltd

80 Robinson Road, #02-00, Singapore 068898

Official website: https://www.zebi.io

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ZCO Token

Zebi Coin (ZCO) was previously built on the Ethereum platform. Now ZCO sits on it's own Zebi Blockchain. 

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • 30%: Sold in the token sale
  • 50%: Retained by Zebi as company reserves for allocation to founders, team, advisors, data providers and other partners and released for purchase from time to time depending on demand. Maximum of 35% (175,000,000) will be allocated to founders, team, and advisors
  • 15%: Allocated for distribution and participation in ecosystem (including for bounties)
  • 5%: To cover the token sale costs

ZCO is a utility token to be used as incentive for settlement of transactions within the Ecosystem. The ZCO paid by Requestor for a data transaction will be distributed among Data Provider, Individual and Zebi as a reward for making the transaction happen. The proportion in which this sharing will happen will be governed by a smart contract which can be adjusted by consensus among the participants. ZCO will incentivize all participants to use, contribute and grow the Zebi Data Ecosystem. Thus ZCO will be the fourth member of the Ecosystem which will keep all the members bonded with each other in their collective growth journey.