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Zilliqa was created in 2017 by a group of computer scientists and academics. The team is lead by Prateek Saxena from the University of California and Xinshu Dong and Amrit Kumar from the University of Singapore. Whilst the team doesn’t have a huge amount of experience in crypto, it does have the support of advisors from established networks like Kyber.

Zilliqa, headquartered in London and Singapore, is a public blockchain platform known for use of sharding as an on-chain solution to preserve decentralization and enable greater scalability. Its blockchain is able to process 2,828 transactions per second.

Zilliqa is a scalable, secure public blockchain platform. It's the first public blockchain platform that implemented sharding and achieved a throughput of 2828 transactions per second in its test net. This enables new use cases that have high-throughput demands that were not previously possible on legacy public blockchain platforms.

  • Scalable
    Zilliqa is a high-throughput blockchain platform that achieves over 2,828 transactions per second in its testnet by the implementation of sharding. Moreover, Zilliqa is designed so that the throughput scales almost linearly as the number of nodes scales, ensuring that Zilliqa’s capacity can continue to grow to meet demand.
  • Secure
    Zilliqa’s smart contract language, Scilla, is safe by design and addresses several known security vulnerabilities in existing languages. As a functional programming language that allows for static checks and formal verifications, developers will also be able to easily conduct thorough checks to ensure that their smart contracts behave as intended. Find out more about Scilla
  • Eco-friendly mining
    Zilliqa only uses Proof of Work for miner verification to prevent Sybil attacks,and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance for consensus. This means that Zilliqa’s version of mining has a far lower energy footprint than legacy proof-of-work blockchains. Furthermore, Zilliqa’s miner rewards are based on each miners’ contributions of valid signatures, resulting in more evenly distributed rewards compared to existing winner takes all models. Find out more about mining.



Zilliqa Research Pte Ltd

2 Science Park Drive #01-03, Ascent Singapore 118222

Official website: https://zilliqa.com

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Update:  15 July 2019 - Blockchain Platform Zilliqa Partners Singapore Payments Startup Xfers. Read more


ZIL Token

Zilliqa started off as an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. On 31st January 2019 - Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform to successfully implement sharding. It has made years of research, testing and trials into a public and live platform, that will lay a solid foundation for the not just new generation blockchains, but also a new generation of decentralised applications. You can read more about our unique approach to sharding here.

Token supply: 12,533,042,435

Native ZIL token swap to be completed by June 2019, and to freeze ERC20 ZIL tokens thereafter. More info here

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