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The ZILLA founders share the common vision to create an ICO purchasing platform. ZILLA will act as a gateway for Crypto enthusiasts to easily and safely participate in various vetted ICOs, while also allowing companies to do an ICO more effectively. ICO crowdsales are becoming more commonplace. With more than 1500 ongoing ICOs and counting, it is becoming overwhelming for buyers to keep track, compare, and verify various ICOs. Moreover, the ever growing complexity of the ICO environment for new, would-be crypto enthusiasts is both astounding and paralyzing. No simple consumer-friendly and intuitive platform exists that enables participants to conveniently grasp and compare competing ICOs.

In addition, there is no central authority or institution (by design) that is a reference point for new crypto enthusiasts. The discovery of new ICOs remains a challenge. Before the decision is made to participate in an ICO, potential participants must painstakingly learn about how proposed projects will work, investigate the backgrounds and qualifications of the team behind the projects, and understand exactly what they are purchasing. The risk of scams and fake crowdsales undermine the credibility of the sector, and the process of completing KYC requirements for multiple projects is time-consuming. These issues reduce the amount of attention each ICO gets, and as the number of ICOs increases, maximizing exposure for quality ICOs becomes more important.

ZILLA makes this entire process simpler, by providing a unified marketplace for ICO crowdsales. In the same way platforms like Etrade and Ant Financial made the stock market more accessible to the general public, or Alibaba and Amazon make it easy to buy
products online, ZILLA brings ICO token crowdsales to regular users in the form of one simple app. Users are presented with a comprehensive list of properly-vetted ICO projects, together with all the information needed to make an informed decision about which projects to participate in. Once a decision has been made, users can participate in their chosen project with a single click. 

ZILLA will also be the first multi-lingual app ICO platform that will allow individuals from Japan, Korea, China, as well as English-speaking countries to participate and view ICO information in their own language. We identified those markets to be the hotbeds of the
crypto market, and no single ICO platform to-date is inclusive of all these markets.

The ZILLA Team is made up of a diverse group of payment, blockchain, commerce, and financial industry experts.

ZILLA APP  - # 1 Blockchain Events Platform | Best Designed Crypto Wallet | Ultimate Crypto Marketing Tools

Blockchain Event Platform

  • Find - Worldwide blockchain conferences and meetups all in one place.
  • Pay with Crypto - The only place to get conference tickets with crypto.
  • Discounts - Get 20% cash back when you use ZLA tokens (Coming soon)
  • Point Coins - Get event Point Coins to get benefits at events

Crypto Wallet

  • Decentralized - You have full control over your cryptocurrency. We never have access to your funds.
  • Secure - Ongoing and continuous security testing
  • Accessible - Easy to send, receive and secure your cryptocurrency

Crypto Asset Marketplace

  • Find Projects - Curated and exclusive token sales
  • Learn - Easily digestible info on ICOs
  • KYC - Complete once, Invest over and over directly from the ZILLA app

Token Creation and Distribution

Token Generator

  • Share tokens with your community for fun.
  • Educate your community about cryptocurrency without the risk of loosing real money.
  • Create a limited valuable cryptocurrency for profit.
  • Create a token for your token sale(IEO, ICO)
  • Create a Security Token.
  • Zilla Token Generator

Crypto Faucet

  • Easily distribute your token to active crypto users.
  • Increase trading volume of your token.
  • Actively drive faucet page visitors to your site through banner ad on the faucet page.
  • Gather contact information for users intersted in your service.

Airdrop Tool

  • Increase trading volume of your tokne, or increase potential traders before being listed on an exchange.
  • Raise awareness of your project.
  • Grow your crypto community.
  • Send your token to your competitor’s users.
  • Target active ZILLA users and entice them to use your service

ZLA Pte Ltd

111 North Bridge Road,#08-18
Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

Official website: https://zla.io

Zilla Wallet App

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Token Generator & Faucet
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ZLA Token

ZLA is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Total supply: 60,000,000

Token Distribution

Public: 55%
ZILLA company and team: 40%
Investors: 5%

Get more airdrops the more ZLA tokens that you hold. 

 ZLA is currenty trading on Huobi Global and Fatbtc