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Zeepin Chain is a decentralized public chain catering for creative industries as well as entertainment industries. To serve the creative industries, it’s dedicated to providing a solution that will create a fair, transparent,and efficient landscape in a way to benefit all creatives. In order to revolutionize entertainment industries as well, Zeepin Chain, is also capable of incorporating various entertainment related assets and systems based on any third party. With the integration of in-system and third-party gaming assets, a free trading market and exchange platform can be developed. 

Zeepin Chain will be providing core protocols concerning distributed ID authentication, distributed data storage, smart contract and consistency. By using a unified smart contract, Zeepin Chain is able to abstract the realization and interaction of underlying virtual machine, so as to provide an abstract protocol enabled by a pluggable smart contract. In addition, consistency in a distributed system ensures the
reliability and validity of underlying data. There is a variety of applications accessible to users now, including transactions of digital assets, handling of transactions, authentication of user registration and mapping of digital assets. Based on the smart contract and underlying protocol, an integrate and easy-to-use application protocol is structured. To cater for the creative industries, Zeepin Chain is designed with a variety of application modules in efforts to help developers construct a set of feasible decentralized applications. Through the application of API and SDK, Zeepin Chain includes a wide range of application
modules such as copyright protection, asset-transaction validation and gaming service. The copyright protection module, using the distributed ID identification provided by the core protocol of Zeepin Chain, enables services like copyright validation and authentication of digital assets in order to secure transactions of digital assets. Zeein Chain will release cross-chain synergy protocol to support cross-chain interactive application, in a move to integrate the distributed multi-source assets into the public chain
and build up a distributed peer to peer trust mechanism. What’s more, it is scalable to support varied ledger system and a set of fundamental applications like ID identification, data interaction and asset transfer.

Goals and visions
Zeepin Chain is a decentralized public chain for creative and entertainment assets, build standardized infrastructure with blockchain technology, it can provide solutions for creators, boost productivity and growth. Zeepin is committed to accessing the untapped
potential and spreading the value in creative industries in a borderless, transparent and efficient way.
Zeepin Chain Goals:

  • Standardized infrastructure of public chain for global creative industries, based on Galaxy Consensus
  • Distributed creative new economy, an ecosystem for leading the whole value chain
  • A standardized platform that enables mapping and transactions of assets and applications for cultural, creative and entertainment industries

Zeepin is a distributed network for global innovators. It brings together talented innovators from around the world. ZEEPIN is not only a public chain and a community, but also an entry point for future innovations. We strive to inspire creators to create better consumer applications through building blocks and passionate community power.
Zeepin Blockchain for All Creators.

  1. Smarter
    The essence of the Smart Economy is to stimulate the growth of innovation and creativity. Discover endless opportunities of bringing your business to blockchain.
  2. Faster
    High blockchain performance with instant transactions provide the ultimate infrastructure for your dApp.
  3. Easier
    Support of several most commonly used programming languages for development of dApps and smart contracts.

Zeepin Pte Ltd formerly known as Zeepin Foundation Pte Ltd

60 Paya Lebar Road, #13-04, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051

Official website: https://www.zeepin.io

Zeepin Blockchain
for All Creators.

Standard interface for fungible and non-fungible tokens on Zeepin Chain.


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Announcement - 3rd Oct 2019

Dear Zeepiners,

We are sorry to inform you that ZPT will be delisted from Kucoin this week due to low liquidity. Although we tried everything, we still failed to prevent it. Sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience caused by this. Meanwhile, we are reaching out to other exchanges on which ZPT can be listed in the future when the overall market changes for the better.
We are also sorry to put the community through some broken promises, such of listing Gala on exchange by the end of Q3 and detailed Zee-dapp progress. Driving Gala’s price up or even keeping it swing at a reasonable rate is much harder than listing it based on the status quo. That’s why, after taking everything into account, we decided to extend the listing thing until a better timing comes.
Going forward, Zeepin will continue its effort on Zeedapps. A closed-beta test of ZeeRights will be run by the end of October. More details will be disclosed in the coming days.

Thanks for your support,
Zeepin team

ZPT Token

Zeepin Chain (ZPT) provides a blockchain digital entertainment asset issuance platform, blockchain technical support, and construct adoption scenarios in order to tokenize global creative and cultural assets. As an industry-based chain, Zeepin Chain public chain has the capability to integrate third-party entertainment assets and systems to create a free trading market and exchange platform.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Distribution
R&D Foundation: 10%
Founding team: 20%
Community development: 20%
Crowdfunding: 50% (completed)

ZPT is being traded on KuCoin and HitBTC